Monday, April 23, 2012

my etsy wedding

We are definitely having an Etsy wedding!  Below are just some of the finds that I've purchased/or will be purchasing in the near future.  So fun!

for the engagement party...etsy seller repchi

for my dad, from etsy seller whitetruffle
for kevin, from etsy seller whitetruffle

etsy seller Sweetlyspokenshop
for the bridesmaids, from etsy seller detailindesign

our invitations!!  etsy seller HerebySkye
 necklace from etsy seller EnyaPearls
earrings from etsy seller dariami

bridesmaid's necklace? etsy seller nestpretty brides

if I decide not to wear a birdcage veil...from etsy seller JamisyJo

for Asher...Etsy Seller BabybyStevie

hoping someone buys us this for our cake stand! etsy seller vesselsandwares

to wear on the "big day"!  from etsy seller redbrickwall

card box from etsy seller Cleggfarmcreations

for our pictures...etsy seller akapurtyfultings

for the guys, etsy seller SewSmashing

for our cakes or cupcakes...from etsy seller thepathlesstraveled

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