Thursday, February 9, 2012

Whimsical, Casual, Fun

Those are the words I would use to describe our wedding. At least, those are the words I hope will describe our wedding! I've been posting lots of pictures of dresses. I have an idea for the bridesmaids to wear dresses they pick out that fall into a palatte of pastels and florals, and for the groomsmen to wear dress shirts and ties but not a full on tuxedo.

from Ruffled Blog

We want a very casual vibe. Of course K and I will still be dressed up but I think I'll be wearing sparkly converse under my dress. We will be having BBQ and cupcakes which are fun. The flowers will be in mason jars on the reception tables which gives a whimsical feeling. We will have cross-stiched table numbers on each table that my mom and I are going to put together, also adding to a whimsical nature. We are thinking of making mix CDs as a favor, but I'm not sure if we're doing that or not. Basically I want it to feel like a big party, and not a wedding. I think we'll be successful at that.

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  1. Wow, this is a fantastic post! I am way too impressed to read about your whimsical, casual, fun wedding party. One my friends is also tying wedding knot at destination New York wedding venues and she would have a snow white themed ceremony. We all are so eager for her special day!