Monday, April 25, 2011


I really want a photobooth at our wedding. Like, really really want one. We have already decided that I will most likely be asking a friend to shoot the wedding, so that should cut down on the actual photography costs. Hopefully we can fit it into the budget, or do one DIY. Most include 2 strips of each sitting so you can set up a scrapbook station which could also serve as a guestbook!

Red Eye Photo Booths ($675/4 hrs, $30/hr for idle time but set up one hour early free, only print one strip, unless you pay extra)

RI Photo Booths ($1400, five hours, unlimited photos)

See Monkey Photobooth ($650/ all inclusive. Not a real photobooth but still fun)

RI Wedding Photobooth ($750 for four hours, includes 2 photo strips)
NE Photo Booth ($1000/3 hrs)
Creative Photo Booth Rental
Wicked Fun Photo Booths (not sure if they go to RI)

Photobooth Planet ($1495, 4 hours. Real photobooth.)

Some DIY Photobooth articles...
Offbeat Bride (detailed tutorial)
Mason Jar Bride

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